Master Lighting Design (M.A.)

part-time / distance learning
M.A. (Master of Arts)
5 semester(s)


The distance learning course Lighting Design connects the fields of the lighting industry, applied architectural science and economic science.

After graduation you will be able to apply physical, psychological and artistic aspects of lighting, as well as the interactions between architecture and lighting. Through management courses you will learn to make use of strategic mangement, marketing and businessplans for your purpose.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Römhild supervises the academic education. After successfully completing the study programm you will earn the international accredited degree of Master of Arts (M.A.), awarded by the University of Wismar, which will approve you to doctoral studies to earn a PhD.

The closing date for applications is set for 30th August.

Job description and job opportunities

Graduates are able to develop comprehensive concepts of architectural lighting design integrating the aspects of economic market forces. Your multifaceted education makes you a versatile, valuable employee which offers great career prospects.


Semester 1
  • Design Criteria
  • Daylighting
  • Artificial Lighting
  • Lighting Applications and Sustainability
  • Design Project I: Conceptual Lighting Design
  • Design Methods I: Basics
Semester 2
  • Lighting Applications and Sustainability
  • Design Criteria
  • Design Project I: Conceptual Lighting Design
  • Artificial Lighting
  • Design Methods 1: Basics
Semester 3
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Management
  • Design Project II: Detailed Lighting Design
  • Design Project III: Selected Lighting Design Principles
  • Design Methods II: Visualisation and Calculation
Semester 4
  • Design and Economics
  • Project Management
  • Design Project II: Detailed Lighting Design
  • Design Project III: Selected Lighting Design Principles
  • Design Methods III: Branding and Marketing
Semester 5
  • Thesis Seminar
  • Master's Thesis and Colloquium

Practical relevance

The international Master programme comprises of focused lectures in Wismar, Singapore and Bangkok. The lectures are in English, ensuring that the programme remains open to all who are interested from around the world. The course incorporates valuable lessons learned from the Wismar-based programme which has developed into a highly sought after course of study with an established faculty.

The content of the curriculum was devised from the training concept put forth by the European Lighting Designers Association, ELDA (now PLDA).

As additional benefit you will meet professors, lecturers and students from all over the world with diverse cultural background. You will be able to gain friends in foreign countries and develop valuable international ties to different markets of the world that can form the foundation of your future international professional network.

Admission/Entrance requirements

€ 15.600

The tuition fee of EUR 3,900 per semester includes:

  • Teaching and examination costs,
  • Costs of the Master Thesis
  • Class materials
  • Practical workshops
  • Event catering and two days excursion, as well as accommodation expenses at our international headquarters in Wismar, Berlin and Bangkok.

Admission requirement:
Application for the Master programme Lighting Design requires the completion of at least 6 semester duration bachelor's degree or similar (e.g. Dipl.-Ing.) in the fields of architecture, interior design, design or electrical engineering, as well as knowledge of the English language.

Languages and semester abroad

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semester abroad:
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Our Locations

WINGS has 10 study places in Germany. Our locations for the Master programme Lighting Design are the following:
  • Wismar
  • Singapore
  • Bangkok

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