European Program of Clinical Autonomic Neuroscience

Universität für Weiterbildung Krems
City, country:
Krems, Lower Austria, Austria
Cert. (Certificate)
2 semester(s)


The international university course "Clinical Autonomic Neuroscience (Certified Program)" provides knowledge in the field of clinical semiquantitative and instrumented qualitative functional diagnostics of the autonomic nervous system as well as specific therapeutic methods based on scientific knowledge of pathophysiological mechanisms. A high level of specific expertise in the clinical management of autonomic dysfunction allows for evidence-based individualized care in both the acute and chronic phases of disease.

Target Group

After completing the "Autonomic Neuroscience" university course, students can use clinical and neurophysiology diagnostics to differentiate between pathologies of the autonomic nervous system on the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms, and to quantify and monitor them. Furthermore, the students can evaluate all conventional and innovative therapy strategies. With the completion of the course, no professional qualifications are acquired that are not already provided by the corresponding primary qualification of the student.


Clinical manifestation and laboratory
  • clinical and experimental  basics for diseases of autonomic nervous system
  • clinical manifestations and syndromes
  • autonomous functional diagnostics including bedside tests
Basics of diseases of the autonomic nervous system, clinical pictures and clinical manifestations, instruments of the autonomous medical history, bedside tests, autonomous functional diagnostics

  • Treatment concepts,
  • clinical studies and registries
  • guidelines
  • experimental applications
  • basics of clinical autonomous research
  • internship: performing a clinical history, bedside tests, applying autonomous cardiovascular functional diagnostics in clinical cases. Finding functional and laboratory testing in further cases, preferably from one`s own personal clinical experience or from direct clinical observation.


The courses are to be defined by the course management for each course before it begins in the form of lectures, exercises, seminars, or distance learning units and published in an information brochure.

Courses can be offered as distance learning units if they are pedagogically and didactically proper. The achievement of the teaching goal is to be ensured by the planned sequence of teaching support and self-study of the students using suitable teaching materials. The separation of distance learning units into teaching support and self-study, the timetable and the provided learning materials must be made known to the students in a suitable manner for the start of the course.

Admission/Entrance requirements

completion of an Austrian or equivalent foreign degree of human medicine

Course fee
: EUR 3.400,--

Language: English

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