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International College of Tourism and Management - ITM GmbH
City, country:
Bad Völsau, Lower Austria, Austria
Dipl. (Diplom)
4 Semester


Wellness and spa are major trends in the tourism industry today, and ITM helps its students to get a jump start in this fascinating and comprehensive field. The programme provides students with a profound education and great interpersonal skills to enter mid-level management positions in the wellness- and spa industry. Let ITM take you to the World of Wellness and Spa!

The programme is comprised of three main areas such as the acquisition of professional communication skills, management qualifications and practical training sessions.

In the course of their studies, students are taught to develop marketing and business organisation abilities, and they are thoroughly trained in customer orientation, service and health. Students gain a basic knowledge in natural sciences such as medical fundamentals, anatomy, nutrition, therapies and products, and attend practical training seminars (e.g. cosmetics, massages etc.) that equip them with the necessary tools to take up positions in thermal hotels, wellness and spa resorts in order to ensure the quality and success of these facilities.

The education at ITM is based on the cultural, intellectual and moral development of the students in a multicultural environment. Cultural diversity as well as the personal atmosphere are key elements in the ITM educational concept. If you intend to enter the dynamic wellness and spa industry, and want an experience and education unparalleled to most institutions, there is no better place to study than at ITM.

After successful completion of the 2 year study programme students, are awarded a Diploma. This certificate is officially recognized by the Austrian state as well as by the industry and partner universities.

Students are well prepared to pursue further education at university level and may continue their studies towards a bachelor's degree in "International Management" at European University (Bad Vöslau). In addition, numerous well-known universities in Europe, the US and Australia fully accredit the ITM education and highly welcome ITM graduates to their undergraduate programs.
Claudia Rothwangl, MA Director of Studies

Job description and job opportunities

Young, ambitious and open-minded high-school graduates, college drop-outs etc., and everbody who is interested in working in one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

Fields of employment:
  • wellness hotels and resorts
  • spa hotels, day spas
  • medical hotels
  • thermal hotels
  • leisure facilities
  • marketing, event management etc.


The curriculum is aimed at the acquisition of specific competencies related to your ability to perform in the tourism business based on the role of a wellness hotel manager as a host, manager and self-manager. In order to acquire these competencies you will develop knowledge (head), skills (hands) and attitude (heart) in the following areas:

English is the language of instruction. Other languages such as French, Spanish, Russian or German as a foreign language are optional, but not required.

Management and business administration
Wellness and spa management, tourism management, event management, marketing, wellness and spa tourism, economics, accounting and controlling, law.

IT and software skills
All applications related to MS OfficeTM and various reservation softwares such as FIDELIOTM etc.

Practical Courses
The content ranges from necessary knowledge of food and beverage management, principles of dietary and healthy cooking, principles of professional service, natural sciences, as well as types of therapies and products and their pricing, scheduling and practical application.

Practical relevance

After the end of the 2nd semester students have to undertake a 13 weeks practical training. During this training the students get a deep insight into the organization of a tourism or wellness/spa related enterprise and can improve their practical knowledge.

Students have the possibility to earn valuable experience for their future career. It gives deep insight into the real working life of tourism enterprises and new inspiration and ideas for the own future.

We at ITM provide our students with all the necessary aid and coaching to ease their search for internships. In addition to our help, our students are also trained in methods of job applications and interviews which are quite useful when they enter their professional lives.

Admission/Entrance requirements

Entrance Criteria

ITM credits prior learning depending on the specialisation of the vocational school and entrance exams are to be taken in those courses that are not part of your school's curriculum.

First year entry

  • Diplomas and certificates which are accepted:
    • International or European Baccalaureate
  • Abitur, Matura
  • The American or Canadian High School Diploma
  • High school graduation diploma from an accredited institution of secondary education
  • Secondary school leaving certificates and a minimum of three years working experience in the hospitality industry with excellent English language skills
Applicants are selected by the Admissions Committee on the basis of:
  • Academic background - certificates or diplomas of educational institutions
  • Professional background - certificates and letters of reference from past employers
  • Personal essay focussing on why you are interested in a career in tourism and hospitality management (typewritten 300-400 words)
  • Personal interview

Languages and semester abroad

Sprache verpflichtend:
Sprache freiwillig bzw. Wahlfach:
German, French, Russian, Spanish
semester abroad:
The Socrates Programme is a "student mobility programme" supported by the European Union which enables ITM students to study at a partner university in the third semester.

On the basis of a bilateral agreement, the partner universities exchange students and guarantee tuition waiver and recognition of the studies completed at the host institution according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The "incoming students" from our partner universities are not only ideal partners for first-hand information on the partner institutions but also bring in even more international flair and intercultural spirit to ITM.

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ITM Austria was founded in 1986 as the first privately run college for tourism and management in Austria, with English as the language of instruction. The 4 semester programme prepares students to face the challenges in the rapidly growing tourism industry, which is characterized by constant changes, flexible demands, multiculturalisation, and transformation of the workplace.

The International College of Tourism and Management - ITM GmbH is specialized in educating international students in the tourism sector in Austria. Our goal is to prepare motivated and open-minded young people for a successful career in the international tourism and hospitality industry. The study programme focuses on management subjects with emphasis on theory and practical experience, practical training in food and beverage management / health services and foreign languages. At the same time we want to give our graduates the possibility to complete an academic degree within the shortest possible period of time.

Studying in Bad Völsau

Vienna. It is easily accessible by train and by car (federal highway). The popular health resort is famous for its beautiful scenery, mild climate and hot springs and offers ample opportunities for leisure activities. Moreover, cities such as Vienna, Bratislava and Wiener Neustadt are just a stone’s throw away and can be reached easily by public transport.

The new ITM campus is located right in the centre of the lovely city. The building is surrounded by a beautiful park area, where students can relax and enjoy their study breaks. A comfortable student lounge and cafeteria and well-equipped seminar rooms complement the modern study environment. On-campus housing is provided.

Further Information

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